Click on the words or keywords that you would like your website displayed at the top of the search engines. Our Internet Marketing Plans will increase your websites rank for the keywords you choose. You can login to your client portal and monitor your websites progress 24/7. Our Internet Marketing Consultants and Programmers are assigned to your website to ensure that we achieve your online goals. There will be NO PAYMENTS DUE until you have officially started your campaign. Once you submit the keywords for your campaign, a representative will call you to confirm your order. Click A Word or Click many words, there is absolutely NO RISK to you by submitting your request. 


As a client you will receive the benefits below:


link building
Our Internet Marketing Experts and Programming Staff work together to get your website to the TOP of the search engines including but not limited too Google, Yahoo and Bing! This is accomplished by some of the services below.

  Blog Post Creation

  Blog Post Submissions

  Search Engine Submissions

  Forum Submissions

  Directory Submissions

  Article Writing & Submissions *

  Press Release Creation & Submissions *

  * Premium Services Only                                         



SEO Consultant

seo consultant

You will be assigned a personal Internet Marketing Consultant that will guide you through the entire process

On & Off-site Website Analysis
Meta Tag and Programming Suggestions
Monthly Link Building Services
24/7 Ranking and Tracking Reports
Backlink Management Center
SEO Webinars
Phone, Email & Online Support



SEO Royal Spa

rank tracker

Login to your Rank Tracker and monitor your keyword rankings and websites progress.

Rank Tracker for Google, Yahoo & Bing

Backlink Manager

Competition & Monthly Search Volume



      SEO Web Analyzer



 Website Analyzer

The Web Analyzer will scan your website for essential SEO information including:

Domain Age Audit

Page Rank Checker

Backlink Scanner

CSS Validator Report

Source Code Errors and Warnings

Web Page Size Test

Speed Test

Google Indexed Pages

Yahoo Indexed Pages

Bing Indexed Pages


seo web scanner

Our web scanner will also search your website for errors & warnings:

Your websites coding is scanned for programming errors and warnings.  The higher the rating you receive, the better your site will increase in rankings. Your website can rank as high as a 5 Star rating. It is possible that your websites rankings could be jeopardized because of

negative ratings, coding errors and warnings. We will point these errors out and also suggest how you can get them fixed by our  SEO Programming Experts.




We understand that long term agreements can sometimes be hard to commit too. We subscribe to the philosophy that if we work hard for our clients and show results, our clients will continue to hire us for our services anyway. It is highly recommended to contine our monthly services to increase your websites rankings. Any lapse in online promotion could have a negative effect on your websites rankings.


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